Welcome to Art Realized By Katrina. This is where the fun begins! Whether it be a T-shirt, leggings, dresses or something more creative, you can find your perfect design created by KATRINA herself (that would be me). A boutique specializing in unique and one-of-a-kind pieces and strives for the creative expression of love and uniqueness in every piece I make through unique wearable art! “The ARK Place represents who we are now – optimistic, inspiring visionaries with big hearts overflowing creativity everywhere; birthing beautiful things out onto paper so others may wear them too.

Our Featured Design

Unintentional G: A Unique Design by Graceson

This unique piece came to life while I was assembling a series of drawings centered on grief, grace, and gratitude. Inspired by the artistic atmosphere, my youngest son, Graceson, decided to pick up his pencils and create alongside me. Presenting his artwork with a joyful, “Here you go, Mommie,” his spontaneous creativity caught my heart. I was so captivated by the beauty of his work that I decided it needed to be shared. 

“Unintentional G” was created—a showcase of youthful expression and unexpected inspiration.

About Katrina

Standing Out on Purpose

Katrina enjoys hearing people’s  perspective  of what the designs appear on paper, because everyone’s interpretation may be based on their current emotions, family dynamic, personal challenges and or Hope. You just never know.. what you are going to hear but to hear the thoughts is worth it!

Made With Love