Human beings not human doers!

Yes, you read that right! We are Human BE-ings! In my line of work as a Board-Certified Chaplain, we continually practice being present (however that may appear daily) with persons and family members who are witnessing the sacred journey of End of Life. At times I listened to persons vocalizing “I have to do….” as they are trying to make sense of what is taking place. 

Sometimes sitting silently in the moment with family and or friends can be the most powerful and meaningful act. . Most of us, the only way we know how to cope is to Do, when I gently share the statement ” We are Human Be-ings, with someone I witness an instant change in the person(s). Being is a hard task especially dealing with real time Loss/ Grief.  Doing makes us feel accomplished, right?  The other side of Doing overshadows the importance of Be-ing present in the moment for a moment.

I believe mindfulness and Be-ing are interlocking if we allow them to.

Aww just created something “Mindful-Being”.

 Have you ever sat in quietness, listened to the birds chirp outside your window, or intentionally created a space in your residence that represented stillness (that area could very well be your bathroom for 2 minutes away from the little gifts trying to find you, if not you, definitely me!)?

Please do not miss the moment to BE doing something that is taking you away from your inner peace, family, all the people and things that matters the Most.

Take time Human BEing to JUST BE … work at it daily. It will become second nature to you.

One scripture comes to mind, Psalm 46:10a

BE still and know that I am God. 

There is something special Being yet along Being still. Still in your mind, actions, emotions, activities.

Challenge yourself this week as a Human BE-ing to Be Still, however that may look.