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I thank God for what He is doing through you.

Women coming together in an emotionally safe place is priceless.

One thing I learned at the Day Treat:
When emotions seem a bit much. Pause for a moment, be still and breathe. Sending the breath to the area of emotional or physical pain.

In addition to sending breath to the emotional section of the brain.
To calm the nervous system.
Exhale, concentrating on releasing the tension of the disturbing emotions.

Ms.Oleta Ivy

It was really nice. Had a great time. Gave me a lot to think about.

Deborah Martin

Greenwood ,South Carolina

Lady! Great event! Looks like a handful of new faces joined the unapologetically Messy tribe!

Thank you for allowing me to serve your event🫶🏾

Yoga Enthusiast Lauren

Jacksonville, Florida

Hi! What a great day Saturday was. Sharmila said she wishes you’d host one of those a month!


Jacksonville, Florida

Awww 🥰 it’s a powerful setting, I love how easy it is to share


Jacksonville, Florida

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