About Katrina

It did not happen overnight. Katrina’s unique line art was established about 15  years  ago in her college dormitory which is now  turning into what she thought could NEVER happen, authentic wearable art.  Katrina, is known as a Hospice Chaplain professionally but if you have met her you will quickly  realize there is much more than meets the eye.  She is a mother, artist, baker, lover of Nature, healthy living with a little room to indulge, advocate, have a heart for transforming one from the inside out etc…

Katrina always enjoyed the power of drawing, what appears to be a mistake, in drawing can turn out to be a masterpiece of your work.  As  a Chaplain Katrina is reminded daily the importance of retreating and getting back to the basics of self- care. Her line drawings are one of the couple of routes she continually uses to release, reflect, and refocus.  Recently she considered her drawings to be a tool of healing during a divorce  that left her weighted with the grief of a “living loss”.   For the first time in years she allowed  persons to observe and view her hand drawings she unintentionally kept in a portfolio. It was almost an unlocked diary full of hobby material.   



Each drawing represents a moment in Katrina’s journey of triumph while grieving.  We all experience a level of grief but it’s what we do with it that makes a difference. Katrina chooses to release and pick up the transformation that can take place.  Her  cousin Kendall McCray, pretty much said.. “What you do behind closed doors needs to be seen more.  When are you going to take your art beyond the closed door?” Good heat under your feet, right?  Katrina took the challenge head on, and here it is The ARK Place where you can see what a design looks like on paper and transformed into authentic boutique wearable art and more. 

Always Good Vibes