Friends, A hand full that’s all

(I call them sister/brother-friends)

It is nothing like having a hand full of friends, again I say it is nothing like have a hand full of friends. At one point of my life I was concerned of the amount but NOW not even on the radar of being concerned.

  • It’s the friendships that weather the storm that last.
  • It’s the friends that can stand up to you, agree and disagree with you that last
  • It’s the friends that do not need your permission to pray that last
  • It’s the friends that annoys you with accountability check ins for achieving goals that last.. ughh… don’t you love that one who will NOT STOP reminding you to keep reaching… A true Sister-Friend!

When you are in the ditch of life are your friends willing to sit there with you covered in mess, mud, S%^! (No need to be offended, best words that fit). But also, soo courageous enough to say, give me your hand, let’s get out of this ditch one step at a time. I got you. Whew Child!

 Trials of life, Journeys of Grief, Illnesses, Set Backs seemingly REVEALS the ones who are meant to be present in your life for the duration and not a season.  

Celebrate Your friends, especially  that ONE you have not spoken with in a month but can pick up where you left in dialogue easily.

Thankful for my sister/brother -friends you know who you are!! 

1 Thessalonians 5:11, So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing