just breath

Last year, I was reminded of an amazing powerful song Just Breath!  by my therapist SN: Yes I have a therapist that I can call/meet when needed and is unapologetic about it! Everyone needs a safe place to:

Be Vulnerable

Be Honest

Be Expressive

Be receptive of Support, YOU cannot do life alone, I believe we were created with community in mind …

Ok back to Just Breath by Maverick City Music (Featuring Chandler Moore, Jonathan McReynolds, and Doe)

Asian girl taking a breath in the forest

Oh my God! I kid you not, I played this song like it was nobody’s business on repeat loudly in my vehicle of course just me. The message is soo true, JUST Breath, There is a miracle in us JUST Breathing.

I encourage you to Just Breath. Try it now as you a reading this. I do not know what you are facing, have faced and will face. Something don’t make sense around you.. Take a moment to breath. Things may not happen as you want, you may still feel the pain, the tears may fall ( I get it, I’ve been there) but know you are not alone.

Listen to this song , here’s a few lines

This goes out to the worried

This goes out to the stressed

Sorting out a million thoughts running through your head

To everyone that’s waiting

For better days ahead

Tired and Frustrated and leaving words unsaid

Just Breath….