I had the opportunity to teach/preach on the story of Naomi’s state of empty. Some of you may have heard of the story of Ruth and Boaz which somewhat overshadowed  the story prior.. Naomi catapulting life change of loss x3. She felt like left overs or left overs which gave her a reason to change her name from Naomi to Mara (Bitter) as well. Three things I found true dissecting Ruth Chapter one is

  1. Being Empty Can cause a level of Bitterness ( total shift in perspective)
  2. Being Empty can create a yearning to seek return to the place you chose to leave that provided safe shelter
  3. Being empty doesn’t mean you cannot become full again, it’s a state.

I am pretty sure one of you have experienced a state of empty in your life which caused you to be on an unwanted roller coaster ride of emotions, we all have, to be honest. Here is the But in spite of the bitterness, Ruth was by Naomi’s side. Are you Naomi or Ruth right about now in your life? Are you bitter or like Ruth the comforter, committed to the friendship/relationship?  Emotions are valid, and its truly important how we express and respond not react to the emotion(s)