Just Breath

Asian girl taking a breath in the forest

just breath Last year, I was reminded of an amazing powerful song Just Breath!  by my therapist SN: Yes I have a therapist that I can call/meet when needed and […]

Human BEings Not Human DOers!

Human beings not human doers! Yes your read that right! We are Human BEings! In my of line work, we practice Being present with persons and family members who are […]

The State Of Empty

I had the opportunity to teach/preach on the story of Naomi’s state of empty. Some of you may have heard of the story of Ruth and Boaz which somewhat overshadowed […]

Friends, A Hand Full That’s All

Friends, A hand full that’s all (I call them sister/brother-friends) It is nothing like having a hand full of friends, again I say it is nothing like have a hand […]


Hey, little birdy! January 18, 2022 Today, the temperature was 36 degrees outside in Jacksonville Florida. I know to some that temperature settles good to you in your heart but […]